How Superstitious Beliefs Affect Your Business

When the Beijing Olympics opened, it was on one of the luckiest days in the Chinese Calendar, where the numbers 8-8-8 matched. This was no coincidence, the opening of the Olympics was planned for this day, to bring luck and good fortune to the event, and China’s own International Future.

Most people believe we are all rationalists, but are we? How many of us would start a new business venture on Friday 13th, or any 13th day of the month?

Whether we admit we are superstitious or not, this could really affect our business:

An expatriate business group decided to launch a new product, through a high profile seminar in a five star Hotel. A lot of effort and money was invested in the seminar, which was going to be the start of the Company establishing itself in a new Country. The result…

No one attended the seminar…

The management team were aghast, the product was good, it had sold well in many other Countries, TV, the local Radio station, and a high profile advertising campaign should of guaranteed the seminars success.

But the Marketing Team had forgotten something very important…

The product was advertised as Four key points to success, the number four appeared several times in advertisements, and was the main marketing focus of the business. The number four seems innocent, but to the Chinese community the Company was focusing on, it simply meant “bad luck.”

Names also mean something different to many people, a smart catchy name to one person, could mean the opposite to another. Many cultures see a meaning in names, and often are very careful what they call their children.

They may interpret your business name the same way, or even your personal name. When in reality we may not see any real meaning in a name. International Businesses often have to realize this, when they enter new markets.

For example in South America, a now troubled US Automaker spent millions on promoting a new Car. The Car was ideal for the market, and suited Latin American tastes, but sales never took off.


They called the car “Nova,” a catchy, sporty modern name but to many Latin Americans, it meant “Doesn’t work.”

So even if you see yourself as a rational person, bear in mind others may still perceive your product as something bad, only because no real research has been made into local beliefs or even language.

Start A Home Based Business And Work The Hours That Suit You And Not The Boss

There are very few people that work for a boss that have not at some time or another wished that they could have their own home based business. It would be so nice to be able to work the hours that suit you and not someone else. You might have dreams of doing things differently but you just have not thought enough about it to actually do something about it. It sometimes takes a jolt like being retrenched or becoming ill to make you actually start your own business.

This is something that must be well planned in order to make a success of it. The best thing is to start off by making a list of what you want to do and how you are going to do it. Do something that really interests you so that you can start your business with passion. You might have always been passionate about carpentry or working artistically with a certain medium. Plan how you can make money from these passions. Write down what you intend doing and how many staff members you will have to employ to start off with in the beginning.

Thousands of people are beginning to reap the benefits of doing an online business. The world becomes your market place and you are not confined to one area. This type of business involves selling products and you will need a website to advertise them from. This might sound too complicated it you do not have enough knowledge of the internet and its workings. Look out for a home business opportunity that offers a full training course as well so that you can get help when you need it.

Discover and Exploit the Cracks As an International Trade Broker While Importing and Exporting Goods

Dear Friend,

If you’re involved as a broker within the International Trade of the importing and exporting business then your ears should be perked up by now like a fox. In this article you’ll be guided in the direction of avoiding pitfalls inside the bat caves of International Trade.

My intentions are to tuck you under my wing and fly you over the land mines which patiently await you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of, if not, the most lucrative businesses out there you can get involved with.

When you play the trade game right, you could reap some large rewards. Like any business trade, you have those who play by the rules and others who choose to play cut throat. Not for you to reconsider the business, but to fine tune your points and bring the unawares to your awareness.

It starts out in the sense like this; you send out an email promoting products which don’t physically lay in your possession. So you act as a middleman, in your case, a “broker.” For others it may be a “joker.”

The point of contact here is you attempt to market a non-existing product and have to persuade buyers you actually own the inventory. Just to think hundreds of other brokers who are promoting the same inventory as you are except with a different twist.

You request for pictures as proof, part numbers, serial numbers, step codes, date code, you name it. Now a couple of days have gone by and you feel like you’re making more of a solid connection and the promise to landing a deal seems greater and greater as your time strides by.

It almost feels like you’re about to win the lottery. In the mean time, negotiating is taking place by the hour. More requests from the buyer are being made and now the clock has really flown by.

No deal is closed, you’ve invested enough time and no money has shown up on the table. Somewhere along these brokerage lines, someone has not been playing with cards dealt with from the dealer.

This can only lead into false movements or a financial setup. The buyer and seller are always stake. Nevertheless, all else fails and WHAM! You land a deal and now it’s time to settle the transaction. Now, with importing goods form foreign countries, there are country laws, tax duty laws, customs rules and regulations.

Certain countries are not allowed to distribute outside of their perimeter. If they do, they can be banned from selling those specific manufacturers products.

How do I put the deal into movement such as getting paid and transferring the goods successfully? Good question.

What you want to make sure is that you sign agreements and have your legalities taken care of before any money or product is transacted.

Also, was an inspection done on the site of the goods? You must have the goods inspected, especially if you’re dealing with a large quantity load. A good suggestion would be to have SGS inspection agency go and look to make sure the goods exists for you can fly by plane and see the goods for yourself.

For some, flying out the country is fun and as a result you get to travel and explore new areas with new cultures and of course generate some new business. Now, after you have your “i”s dotted and your “t’s crossed you will have to go back and think about the banking terms and how they are going to be implemented. This should have been put into perspective before you stepped foot on the plane. It’s a matter of reorganizing your pending transaction. By doing so, re-arrange the possibilities on how the buyer can flip the coin into his favor at the last minute.

Being able to play the role as a banker in this situation is very important. You can lose the shirt off your back if you don’t comply with the banking terms properly. What I mean is this; let’s say you’re importing components and you set up the deal on an LC which is a Letter of Credit.

Here’s the problem with just an LC;

When you don’t imply an Irrevocable LC, then the buyer has a chance to override the bank agreement and implement a Piggy Back LC. This gives the buyer leverage into taking control of the transaction.

If the buyer decides to use the Piggy Back technique or even a Transferable LC which simply means he or she can have the funds transferred into someone else’s bank account at any given moment. This is a complete setup trap in which you need to sidestep. I advise you to initiate a Non-transferable LC along with an Irrevocable LC to protect your neck.

Now that you’ve had a nibble on the ways and plays on importing and exporting goods, take the time to investigate your trade matters into further detail. There are several means of righteousness in order to complete each trade transaction into a successful one.


Joseph Mercado

The Basic Fundamentals of Urns Business

There has always been a good demand for the urns at the international market. The urns are easily available in the market from various sources and even the promotion of the urn has caught a great speed. The direct promotion and the indirect promotions both are in air. This is the main reason that the demand for various urns in steadily increasing in the market. This has made many people to enter into the business of urn manufacturing and urn supplying. One can easily enter this business if he has the creative thinking ability.

The exporters and importers are trying to set this business in wide boundaries of the nations. The urn is a really delicate object and need to be manufactured with a lot of precautions and care. This needs a professional team for this cause. The second important phase in the case of this business is proper packaging of the system. The packaging must be done by the regular hands that have the hands on experience of the packaging. This way the business can be taken to the next phase. The main thing in the business of the urns is its successful marketing for finding out the potential client.

For finding the potential client, you need to know where to search for. Various business directories and web portals are a good source of the business customers. After finding the costumer your lead is ready, but the most essential thing at your end is to close this lead by convincing the customer to purchase your product. The quality of the urns maters a lot when you are going for the bulk orders in the national or international market. So, one must be a visionary and a hardcore player of this creative business to take this business on the top of the world.

How Social Media Improves Your Business

The internet is a powerful networking venue, but like all promotional business ideas using it incorrectly can do more harm than good. Social media such as Facebook or Twitter can, when used right, open up unlimited new opportunities for your organization.

All Businesses Have a Global Audience

It wasn’t that long ago that only the largest corporations did business internationally. With the widespread distribution of the internet, any company now has access to customers, partners and vendors all over the world.

To reach this audience of billions, your company will have to do more than simply set up a website. The most successful internet business ideas involve active networking. Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Find ways to make your presence known through business blogs, active participation in industry forums, and working your social media network. Online marketing has become so important that many organizations have full time positions dedicated to nothing but creating and maintaining a strong presence in web communities.

Keep It Professional

The danger of social media is most of them are designed for personal interactions between friends and relatives. It’s easy to relax and start to let your professionalism slip. Remind yourself that you are a representative of your company and although you want to be friendly, you don’t want to be too familiar.

As business ideas go, the concepts are no different than face-to-face networking. Company representatives may join local industry professional groups to make contacts. There is a level of socialization, but typically there is a certain professional distance as well. Giving voice to anything from strong political views to embarrassing personal stories can create a negative impression of your company. You aren’t there as a person; you are there as the face of your business.

Look At Other People’s Pages

Like many business ideas, online networking should be viewed from every angle. You create an online presence to engage partners and customers. Even your competitors are likely to be checking out your company’s online activities, looking for information about future offerings or weaknesses in your business model. However don’t simply use social media push out information. Check out your contacts’ online presence as well.

Online investigations can reveal interesting facts about the people you do business with. If they haven’t been as careful as you have been to maintain a professional demeanor, you may discover valuable information about their character, which may reflect the way they do business. It can save you from forming a partnership with a problematic organization or doing business with a bad vendor.

It is becoming impossible for any organization to be successful without incorporating internet marketing business ideas. Using social media for business promotion while still retaining a professional attitude is a powerful strategy for building new business relationships.